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Giving away some FL projects!

2013-09-18 00:51:49 by Lockyn

Hey guys! I was thinking about this, and just thought some people might want to see how I produce tracks - some of my old ones anyways. So here's two FL projects! You guys can use them however you wish. Don't re-release them under your own name though please :P

1: Bastion FLP download

2: Intrinsic FLP download

You shouldn't need anything extra - all samples are native FL samples, and all synths were made solely by me in FL plugins (I think you'll find I have a huge bias for Sytrus LOL). If this does interest you, I hope it helps you however you use it!

Chillstep is out here YEY! Looks like I was wrong about what's coming up next. Whoops. Sorry about that, I'll try to predict harder next time...

UPCOMING TRACKS LIST (probably wrong but you get the idea)

1. Electro banger - tentatively named "Lockout", I really wanna make this one perfect. The hook is seriously infectious. Like, I want to post it now but it would spoil it so I have to keep it a surprise T__T
2. Glitch hop - LOLOL this one just might turn into something else, the WIP right now is craaaazy
3. Azure VIP mix - I have no idea if I'll finish this one... BUT WHO KNOWS

And there ya go. Thanks again guys for all the support, y'all are awesome. Stay frosty and stay tuned, because even more awesome tunes are coming your way! ;D Cheers!

Chillstep/Liquid Dubstep "Crystalline" out! Also, upcoming stuffs!

Chillstep (WIP) and you awesome peeps yet again.

2013-09-06 13:24:42 by Lockyn

YO! Hey guys. Thanks again for all the support, bringing up two tracks to the top :') y'all are why I keep going. Also music is fun to make. ANYWAYS.

Got a chillstep track comin' up. It's had positive feedback while in production so hopefully you guys like it :) Different from my usual! The picture down there is a snap shot of the track in FL Studio. I've spent 12 hours on it already xD

You can also see all the WIPs I have on that list on the left of the snapshot... just an indication that I am not and will not run out of tracks to produce ;D

Next up after the chillstep is an electro banger that I've had no inspiration for... gah I need to spend time on that one, the hook is sooooo good. I think you guys will like it!

Azure VIP remix... no inspiration for that one either xD I did start it though.

Collabs, collabs, collabs! Mayhaps I will have more coming up ;)

Thanks again everybody. Stay frosty, and stay tuned. Cheers!

Chillstep (WIP) and you awesome peeps yet again.

Why are you guys so awesome.

2013-09-03 18:01:52 by Lockyn

NO WAI!? You guys got Sequence into Best Audio of the Year!? HOW!?

Thanks everybody for all the support :D You guys are the reason I'm pushing for higher quality stuff! Here's what I have in the locker:

1. Azure VIP remix
2. Electro banger ;D
3. Collabs (2 to be exact)
4. Ambient dub (WHAT!?)
5. Glitch hop (You're welcome, Mr. Brian)

Stay posted, and as always, thank you so much for the support and criticism. Y'all stay frosty now. ;D Peace!

Why are you guys so awesome.

Collab with Detious out NOW!

2013-08-28 01:06:03 by Lockyn

Go check it out! Hope you enjoy, we worked hard on this one! Over Skype too :D

(You are awesome, Master Basser Detious. You are simply awesome.)


Collab with Detious out NOW!

You guys are awesome. Nuff said. Seriously, so many downloads. :O *overwhelmed*

The collab is coming soon ;D

Best audio of this month!? WHAT!? Also, COLLAB coming soon ;)

Hey guys!

If you haven't noticed, I've changed artist names. I've decided it's high time for a fresh start - and with this change, you can expect higher quality music, because that's what I've set myself to do.

Some future things you can expect from me:

1. Azure VIP remix
2. New electro banger ;)
3. A COLLAB with an AWESOME AWESOME person I can't name right now ;D


New name, new start! Lockyn load ;D


2013-08-14 02:32:19 by Lockyn

Wow. First time seeing myself on the popular audio tab.

I'm probably making a huge deal out of nothing but WHATEVER WHEE :D

Look out for an Azure VIP remix! ;)



2013-08-12 03:38:35 by Lockyn


Excited to announce that I'm releasing some of my more complete works in a COMPLETELY FREE TO DOWNLOAD EP called "Sequence EP" here. It comes in much better audio quality than Newgrounds. If you do decide to use some of your precious bandwidth to download it, I really hope you enjoy it! It has five tracks on it:

1. Sequence
2. Dream Reality
3. Bastion
4. Intrinsic
5. A Graphical Duel (Inst.)

ALSO: Keep your eyes out for an Azure VIP remix ;)