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2013-12-27 19:24:26 by Lockyn

It's coming. Very very soon. Perhaps even tomorrow. GASP. And guess what? THERE'S EIGHT TRACKS NOW!

So yeah. Track #1 of the Load EP is coming soon! I'm gonna release one by one then have the album up together on bandcamp for free download :D (They're gonna come out in the order I finish them LOL.)

001 - Lockout [Electro]

002 - Prism [Minimal House]

003 - Breakdown [Glitch Hop/Jazz Breaks]

004 - Stigma [Electro]

005 - Redline [Progressive House]

006 - Azure (VIP Mix) [Electro]

007 - Skywalker (VIP Mix) [Chillstep]

008 - Load [Big Room House]

New Logo and Load EP Art! WHOO!

2013-12-23 14:12:03 by Lockyn

Aww yeah. It's that time of year. It's coming very very soon. (Hopefully.)

Much thanks to Steeze Money Money Inc. for working with me for this and putting up with all my design bs. Y'all are awesome :') Check them out! https://www.facebook.com/SteezeMoneyMoney

Without further ado, here's the EP art. You can see my new logo and stuffs! :D Peace out - look out for the tracks coming soon!


Just a quick progressive trance for you guys to enjoy! Progressive trance with a couple interesting transitions. Almost feels like you're walking in the sky. :) Hope you enjoy this short little piece before I finish and release Load EP!


So, despite my broken ankle and super crappy keep up and responses to the various awesome friend people who support me and are collabing with me (SORREH AGAIN GUYS D:), I HAVE AN ALBUM UPDATE!

Lockyn - Load EP

1. Lockout [Electro] around 40-50% done
2. Breakdown [Jazz Breaks/Glitch Hop] around 20% done
3. Prism [Ambient/Minimal House] around 20% done
4. Redline [House/Dubstep Breaks] around 20% done
5. Load [Big Room House] around 60% done

Who's excited for that big room house!? ;D It's sounding pretty sick. Pretty damn sick. PREVIEW ANYONE?

Here's a picture of Load. Dat reverb modulation though. x)

Load EP update! (Album released in a month!!!)

Broke my talus bone in my ankle.

2013-11-19 20:08:42 by Lockyn

So yeah. It's apparently a really rare fracture - only 0.5% of all foot fractures. It's the bone between your foot bones and your leg bones, the tibia and fibula. Going into surgery soon to realign the talus fragments - recovery time is around a year to reattain full range of movement.

Just making this post to update you guys on yet another reason I haven't been posting anything. xD At this point, I'm just hoping I regain use of my left ankle - and if not, I guess you guys get much more music lots faster LOL

Only one thought: I'm never going downhill longboarding again. >__<

Yo. I'm busy as hell, as a some of you are annoyed/angry at me for. I'm lazy as hell, which contributes to the effects of the busy thing too. :c I apologize to Aztech, Xtrullor, Detious, TheDoor, FortressLord, Echidneys, and anybody else who's been trying to keep in contact with me/do collabs with me and I'm just struggling to form replies with my time T__T Seriously guys, I need to step my game up...

Okay, enough with that. NEW EP!!! It's going to include any/all collabs I work on with Aztech/Xtrullor/Detious, and all the solo projects I had listed last news post. So without further ado, here's the tentative list/plan:

Lockyn - Load EP

1. Lockout [Electro] (ALMOST DONE)
2. Redline [House & Dubstep] (ECHIDNEYS'S SONG PERHAPS?)
3. Prism [Ambient/Minimal House] (OH YEAH)
4. Breakdown [Jazz/Glitch Hop] (OH HELL YEAH)

Collabs are tentative on finish date:
Aztech collab [Melodic Dubstep]
Xtrullor collab [Drum and Bass] (dunno if this one is still going :o)
Detious collab [dunno anymore :o]

PLS LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK. Or, I dunno. Say something to make me feel better :3 LOLOL. Anyways, hope y'all enjoy the update, I'm looking forward to completing this EP - it's probably the first release I'm gonna consider "professional" sounding, if that makes sense... I'm working hard to finish it! YEH!

Peace out, guys. Hopefully I finish Lockout by this weekend. :) Y'all are awesome people, cheers!

Upcoming "Load" EP! (ETA around Christmas time?)

Holy fack. Like the title explains itself. WAT. WAT. I SO HEPPY RIGHT NOW. HEPPY.

It's like... 40% done now? SO CLOSE!!!

Does anybody want a WIP?

I'm still alive. I think.

2013-10-14 00:46:22 by Lockyn

I swear I'm not being lazy. 1st quarter of college is killing my time management skills (or lack thereof...) - how do some people do it. I have no idea. I promise I still remember all you awesome peeps who take a peek at this page once in a blue moon!

Progress (All of these percentages are estimates and I'm just taking a very educated but probably inaccurate guess. Sue me.)

"Lockout" [Electro] - 10% complete (I'm stuck. Pls halp. If there's enough interest for this, I might release a WIP of this, just for some feedback... holy moly I want to finish this.)

"Breakdown" [Glitch Hop/Chill Breaks] - 5% complete (So smexy. But no ideas for this. I'll take this slow.)

"Prism" [Ambient] - 5% complete (I have no idea when this will be done... probably not anytime soon LOL but it sounds good so far. We'll see where this goes.)

*NEW* "Redline" [House/Dubstep] - 5% complete (This one I'm quite excited about. Hee hee. Echidneys, this one's yours ;D)

Aztech collab [Melodic Dubstep] - ?% complete. Honestly, collabs are a crap shoot when it comes to progress... We'll see how this goes. Aztech I'm sorry!

Detious collab [Drum and Bass] - ?% complete. Where you at bro D: I still need to get you that melody... Argh!

Xtrullor collab [Drum and Bass] - ?% complete. Dude, you are on a roll with dem remixes and your new upcoming track. I'm just sitting here strugglin'. xD

You guys are awesome. I'll see if I can't get anything up before the quarter is over T__T Peace!

Picture is of Redline, Echidneys's track.

I'm still alive. I think.

Hey guys. Sorry if you've been wondering where I am, and were trying to contact me. "Where are all my reviews Lockyn!? Why ain'tcha reviewing my tracks eh!?" If you were thinking that, I'm sincerely sorry and I will make it up to you as soon as I get some breathing room (damn college!) T__T I'll try and get some tracks up as well.

To Aztech, Xtrullor, and Detious, I'm really sorry about my lack of communication with you three - I know I'm not really doing my part in keeping up with our work, so if you need me please just like spam me on skype xD You guys are awesome for putting up with my laziness/business.

With that, upcoming tracks! The collabs will probably take quite a while, judging by the amount of time I spend on them (SORRY) T__T

1. Collab with Aztech (tentatively melodic dubstep)
2. Collab with Xtrullor (tentatively drum and bass)
3. Collab with Detious (tentatively drum and bass)
4. "Lockout" [Electro]
5. "Breakdown" [Glitch Hop]
6. "Prism" [Ambient]

Thank you all for your support :D Shout out to The Door, Detious, Echidneys, and Fortresslord for being the awesome people you are and sticking with me through all my bad tracks and the okay ones as well. Stay frosty, y'all.

Here's a screenie of Breakdown! And you can see about 1/10 of my WIPs on the left! YEY!

Upcoming tracks and other going-ons! (College!)

College time.

2013-09-23 10:33:18 by Lockyn

For those of you who are wondering where the hell I am right now, I"m at UC Irvine, getting ready for my first day of class. It's gonna be a crazy year. I'm a Computer Engineering major. I've been real busy moving in and going to all the events and prepping for class, so I'm sorry to anybody who's been trying to contact me, or is doing a collab with me (Xtrullor, Detious, Aztech - sorry guys :c). I'll try my best to keep on top of stuff - please contact me however you can and I'll get back to ya when I can.

Love ya guys, and take care :) I'll have a nice couple tracks lined up soon hopefully! What's in the vault:

1. drum and bass
2. melodic dubstep
3. electro/complextro
4. trance

I'll be showing the names of the song and/or who I'm collabing with for it laters this week ;) Stay frosty! Cheers.