Upcoming tracks and other going-ons! (College!)

2013-09-30 02:21:49 by Lockyn

Hey guys. Sorry if you've been wondering where I am, and were trying to contact me. "Where are all my reviews Lockyn!? Why ain'tcha reviewing my tracks eh!?" If you were thinking that, I'm sincerely sorry and I will make it up to you as soon as I get some breathing room (damn college!) T__T I'll try and get some tracks up as well.

To Aztech, Xtrullor, and Detious, I'm really sorry about my lack of communication with you three - I know I'm not really doing my part in keeping up with our work, so if you need me please just like spam me on skype xD You guys are awesome for putting up with my laziness/business.

With that, upcoming tracks! The collabs will probably take quite a while, judging by the amount of time I spend on them (SORRY) T__T

1. Collab with Aztech (tentatively melodic dubstep)
2. Collab with Xtrullor (tentatively drum and bass)
3. Collab with Detious (tentatively drum and bass)
4. "Lockout" [Electro]
5. "Breakdown" [Glitch Hop]
6. "Prism" [Ambient]

Thank you all for your support :D Shout out to The Door, Detious, Echidneys, and Fortresslord for being the awesome people you are and sticking with me through all my bad tracks and the okay ones as well. Stay frosty, y'all.

Here's a screenie of Breakdown! And you can see about 1/10 of my WIPs on the left! YEY!

Upcoming tracks and other going-ons! (College!)


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2013-09-30 07:50:38

Aw, you're welcome! :') ...and what do you mean "bad tracks?" All of your tracks are awesome, Lockyn! :D I'm looking forward to your future tracks, and I totally understand that it's not exactly your highest priority to keep up with reviewing my tracks. ;) Hm...yeah, I definitely need a cool tagline like that. XD

Lockyn responds:

LOL pls. Thank you though xD Dude, I want to review all your guys' tracks. I just can't find time to sit down and listen/nitpick at your work D: TAGTAGTAGTAGTAG!


2013-09-30 15:27:50

Dude don't stress yourself too much! Collabs are fun but make sure you can organize time with college and stuff. Don't worry I'm workin on stuff myself so don't feel guilty or anything haha :D

Lockyn responds:

Haha, I know man. I'll be sure to message you when I got something nice for ya ;) Thanks yo!


2013-09-30 15:50:29

Lot's o things going on.

Lockyn responds:

Aye sir. Aye. Too many things .__.


2013-10-02 02:04:53

Wow thanks for the shout out. I DID have to sit through all 0 of your bad tracks!
Also, 2 different DnB tracks and the electro with a name like that are getting me excited for your works. Don't rush though: I'm sure once you get used to the attending and study times the pattern of free time should kind of become natural.
Stay frosty, Lockyn load,

Lockyn responds:

Haha, you deserve it for sticking with meh! :) LOL You're too kind. The electro is making some insane progress, I'm really excited to show you guys! I won't rush - you know me. ;D

LOL Lockyn load! I am honored to be in a catchphrase xD I'll take a gander at your tracks during my eecs lab or something! :P


2013-10-02 10:19:38

Working on a remix of your bastion song!

Lockyn responds:

I am honored ;') Looking forward to hearing your improved version! :D


2013-10-02 14:27:12

Looool! No the original is good too! I'll let you know when it's done!

Lockyn responds:

Pleaseee. :P I'm looking forward to it! :D