I'm still alive. I think.

2013-10-14 00:46:22 by Lockyn

I swear I'm not being lazy. 1st quarter of college is killing my time management skills (or lack thereof...) - how do some people do it. I have no idea. I promise I still remember all you awesome peeps who take a peek at this page once in a blue moon!

Progress (All of these percentages are estimates and I'm just taking a very educated but probably inaccurate guess. Sue me.)

"Lockout" [Electro] - 10% complete (I'm stuck. Pls halp. If there's enough interest for this, I might release a WIP of this, just for some feedback... holy moly I want to finish this.)

"Breakdown" [Glitch Hop/Chill Breaks] - 5% complete (So smexy. But no ideas for this. I'll take this slow.)

"Prism" [Ambient] - 5% complete (I have no idea when this will be done... probably not anytime soon LOL but it sounds good so far. We'll see where this goes.)

*NEW* "Redline" [House/Dubstep] - 5% complete (This one I'm quite excited about. Hee hee. Echidneys, this one's yours ;D)

Aztech collab [Melodic Dubstep] - ?% complete. Honestly, collabs are a crap shoot when it comes to progress... We'll see how this goes. Aztech I'm sorry!

Detious collab [Drum and Bass] - ?% complete. Where you at bro D: I still need to get you that melody... Argh!

Xtrullor collab [Drum and Bass] - ?% complete. Dude, you are on a roll with dem remixes and your new upcoming track. I'm just sitting here strugglin'. xD

You guys are awesome. I'll see if I can't get anything up before the quarter is over T__T Peace!

Picture is of Redline, Echidneys's track.

I'm still alive. I think.


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2013-10-14 01:22:56

I don't know if you've listened to my remix?

Lockyn responds:

I have listened to it, and I love it! I just haven't had time to review it D: I'll get to it i promise! I dunno when though...


2013-10-14 11:27:42

I hear you, I'm having trouble getting music done and I DON'T have college to adapt to.

Plus, my Aura is Audiophile for a reason; I probably know a lot more about music than I am good enough to put into tracks. If you need any help with the Electro, I'll be glad to help any way I can.

Lockyn responds:

Dude, every producer's problem T__T I feel ya.

Haha, if you're up for critiquing a WIP, I'll link ya as soon as I post it up if more people are interested. Thank you my friend :)


2013-10-14 11:41:12

Wow, I'm excited too for all your future tracks, man. :D College sounds intense though. I just visited one today. Where do you go to school, again?

Lockyn responds:

Thanks dude, glad you're looking forward to them man :D I need to review your new tracks dude! Argh! I'll do it I promise... I'm at UC Irvine!


2013-10-14 15:18:14

I always wonder how people can calculate the completion percentage of a specific project without beforehand knowing exactly what they're making. One of lifes great mysteries! :P I wonder a lot about time management too...

Lockyn responds:

Seriously. Like, I'm just completely BSing in my post. xD Time management is a magic I swear. I haven't gotten anybody to tell me the trick yet :(


2013-10-18 04:36:52

Holy shit, that program looks way too fucking complicated for me to ever know what you're doing. But I trust it's in good hands! That art will get done, I swear. Take your time on this, and good luck in your musical and academic endeavors, man.

Lockyn responds:

You need to chill and understand that IT'S ALL GOOD BROOOOOO! Don't rush that art, there's no time limit remember :P Thanks dude, same to you my friend! :D