Giving away some FL projects!

2013-09-18 00:51:49 by Lockyn

Hey guys! I was thinking about this, and just thought some people might want to see how I produce tracks - some of my old ones anyways. So here's two FL projects! You guys can use them however you wish. Don't re-release them under your own name though please :P

1: Bastion FLP download

2: Intrinsic FLP download

You shouldn't need anything extra - all samples are native FL samples, and all synths were made solely by me in FL plugins (I think you'll find I have a huge bias for Sytrus LOL). If this does interest you, I hope it helps you however you use it!


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2013-09-18 01:29:11

Dang, I would totally grab those if I still used FL Studio. I GUESS I'LL NEVER KNOW. D:

Lockyn responds:

You should grab them anyways ;) Thanks so much for the track you just posted dude, it's one of my personal favorites now! <3


2013-09-18 02:35:07

If I take the tune to Bastion and recreate it with say... Massive, then build a song around that, is it OK to publish as a remix?

Lockyn responds:

Of course dude! Anything you like. Take sounds from it, use them in your other projects, whatever. :) That reminds me, I need to check out your new stuff... I'll go do that when I got some free time :D


2013-09-18 02:56:52

Yeah my new stuff is OK. I kinda lost inspiration for a few tracks. Anyway, thanks for letting me use them.
I really liked the main part to Bastion, so I'll wait a few months to get better, then make an intense Drum n' Bass remix.

Lockyn responds:

You'll get back on track, no worries. And no problem! I'm sure whatever you end up putting out will be awesome.


2013-09-20 19:39:50

Intrinsic remixed! Here you go:

Lockyn responds:

You, sir, are freaking amazing. *bows*


2016-09-29 16:27:21

Is it too late to remix bastion?

Lockyn responds:

It's available for you to use however you like :)