Got an awesome remix coming soon! ;)

2014-04-14 23:36:57 by Lockyn

Yup, complextro! COMPLEXTRO! YEAHHHHH! You guys will enjoy this one I think ;D Going back to that Sequence feel along with my new skilz. Stay tuned y'all, I'll have a preview on here soon :) I do have some bad news though, because this remix was an official one requested by the original producer's record label, it won't be for free download even though I'm all for free music. But the preview will always be here!

Thanks for all the support guys, you're the only reason I've gotten this far! :D


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2014-04-15 06:50:36

Yay! :D New music from you is always a good thing! ;)

Lockyn responds:

:D Thanks TheDoor!


2014-04-15 15:02:27

If you think about it, you'll have material signed to a label; That's awesome!

Keep up the good work Lockyn, and I owe YOU thanks, since with my hectic, now music-centred life I'm beginning to develop emotional links to artists who got me into music and/or supported me, i.e. a group including you!

Lockyn responds:

Thanks, and yeah I'm definitely excited for that! Really weird to sign a contract for the first time xD

Haha, makin' meh blush. NP, and thank ya as well for being awesome ^^ Cheers FL!


2014-04-18 18:32:17

What song are you remixing o.o

Lockyn responds:

Message meh on skype ya poop :P