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New lovestep collab out! ;D

2014-09-07 00:54:14 by Lockyn

Why hello there. Haven't posted a nice NG-freedownloadavailable song in a while. Here's a collab long in the works with my good friend Aztech! Hope you enjoy the soaring melodies and burning passion and whatnot. Cheers!


New single collab coming! ;)

2014-09-05 15:11:32 by Lockyn

Y'all are warned. Got a siiiiick single coming that's been long in the works with a good friend of mine.

Hope you guys like it! Coming sooooon ;D (Melodic Dubstep/lovestep)


So yeah! Aurora is coming out on Front Artillery Records within the next week, and I'm really excited to show you guys :)

Azure VIP or now just named Azure (since it's so much different from the original and it was under my old name) is being bounced back and forth between people/labels right now so not much on that one. It is finished though!

Lifted, my new chill/chill wave track, is insane. It's probably my favorite produced track to date. I really hope you guys like this new take... it's completely different from my usual style. If I didn't tell you I made it you probably wouldn't recognize it LOL. I've got big plans for this one though, and I hope you enjoy it when it comes!

As always, thanks for the support - stay frosty, and stay posted - more stuff in the making! Summer is turning out to be quite productive for me :D


(Just something I'd like to say: I'm sorry I'm releasing all this label stuff... it means I can't post it here because free download isn't allowed obviously, but it's really helping me expand my audience. I hope you guys understand - and I don't plan on ditching NG either, so you'll see free releases like I usually do soon!)

Yo! Thought I'd pop by for a quick update. Aurora is coming soon - I've signed it to a record label already (my first official ORIGINAL release! yay), and it should come out before the summer ends hopefully!

Now... as for Azure. If you guys have followed me for a long enough time and remember when I used to be Khrossfire, then you'll recognize this track name. I've taken the melodies for a reboot. That's right, you heard me - I actually finished that Azure VIP I've been talking about for almost 2 years now! LOL. Except, I'm not calling it a VIP because I think I've improved enough to make it completely new and fresh. I really hope you like this one. :)

Anyways, stay frosty and stay posted - I'll have more new content soon! Thanks for the support as always. Cheers!

I am blown away... was not actually expecting anything of this caliber. Definitely big compared to the usual. Holyyyy...


Thanks so much for all the support guys.

On another note, I got a new single called "Aurora" coming up with an old school trance intro, mixed with my electro! I really hope you guys will like it. Peace out, and please stay posted for my next track ^^ Cheers!

Preview of my remix of Sundivine - Party Hard under Front Artillery Records!

My Remix (preview): https://soundcloud.com/frontartilleryrecords/party-hard-lockyn-remix-preview

Original: https://soundcloud.com/andrewmaclean/sundivine-party-hard-original

I can't post the song here for obvious reasons (not out yet, can't do free download and stuffs), but I hope you guys really like this preview. The full track is out on FAR on 6/9/14! Hope you can support it by listening or buying! Either way, I hope you enjoy the track!

Yup, complextro! COMPLEXTRO! YEAHHHHH! You guys will enjoy this one I think ;D Going back to that Sequence feel along with my new skilz. Stay tuned y'all, I'll have a preview on here soon :) I do have some bad news though, because this remix was an official one requested by the original producer's record label, it won't be for free download even though I'm all for free music. But the preview will always be here!

Thanks for all the support guys, you're the only reason I've gotten this far! :D

Sorry not sorry. But yeah that last track was really bad LOL. Hope you enjoyed that piece of crap Mr. Brian! (He hates trance, especially MY badly produced attempts)

Here's LOAD, like I promised! :D big room house with some awesome epic breakdowns!



2014-03-21 22:53:47 by Lockyn


Just finished Winter Quarter of college, and finals were destructive. Really destructive. For my brain. I am beat. So yeah. I'm back, and things are picking up again! I finally have time to myself now! :D

First things first, what's coming up:

Load [Big Room] - around 80% complete! WHOO IT'S COMING SOON!

Soulwind [Melodic Dubstep] collab with the amazing Aztech - around 30-40% complete? This one will blow your socks off guaranteed. Aztech is a goddamn magician.

Couple of the songs on the album will be changing slightly. I've got some really good new stuff planned, and things are really gaining steam now! :D Stay tuned, and stay frosty, awesome things are coming!


Lockout from LOAD EP is out! Check out the ELECTRO!

2013-12-28 15:52:15 by Lockyn

Yee. It's finally out here - http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/561277. Check it out - hope you enjoy ;)

The rest is coming!


001 - Lockout [Electro] - RELEASED 12/28/13

002 - Prism [Minimal House]

003 - Breakdown [Glitch Hop/Jazz Breaks]

004 - Stigma [Electro]

005 - Redline [Progressive House]

006 - Azure (VIP Mix) [Electro]

007 - Skywalker (VIP Mix) [Chillstep]

008 - Load [Big Room House]