2014-03-21 22:53:47 by Lockyn


Just finished Winter Quarter of college, and finals were destructive. Really destructive. For my brain. I am beat. So yeah. I'm back, and things are picking up again! I finally have time to myself now! :D

First things first, what's coming up:

Load [Big Room] - around 80% complete! WHOO IT'S COMING SOON!

Soulwind [Melodic Dubstep] collab with the amazing Aztech - around 30-40% complete? This one will blow your socks off guaranteed. Aztech is a goddamn magician.

Couple of the songs on the album will be changing slightly. I've got some really good new stuff planned, and things are really gaining steam now! :D Stay tuned, and stay frosty, awesome things are coming!



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2014-03-21 23:24:17

Congrats on finishing college and Yay!

Lockyn responds:

YOOO! Thanks man :D


2014-03-22 08:43:51

YAY! :D HE'S NOT DEAD!!! :D The preview of "Load" sounded awesome, so I'm really excited, but I also love melodic dubstep, so I CAN'T WAIT! Glad you found some free time, Kyle, and keep on keepin' on! ;D

Lockyn responds:

Hahaha, Load is coming first! It's very very very different from what you remember ;)


2014-03-22 16:20:43

Congratz dude! (:

Lockyn responds:

Thanks mang! :D


2014-03-23 08:12:41

Hope college isn't too hard on you. If education gets tough don't worry about getting music to us, just focus on doing well in general, and produce when you have energy.

Looking forward to Load anyway, but now the Aztech collab because I can't stop listening to his 14th Album at night time.

Lockyn responds:

Yeah I know man :( But I want to get music to you guys! xD

Load is coming first! Look forward to it :D


2014-06-19 01:32:33

Just found your music thanks to a friend, really interested in hearing all of Load! Lockout is my fave so far!

Lockyn responds:

Wow, sorry for the late response - I never check back this far xD Thanks so much man, I'm glad you enjoyed! I have some different plans for Load then I've said before since my music is changing really rapidly (for the better I hope) so you'll see something about it soon I think. Thanks again my friend :)