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Lilysse Vol. 2 - Reach out :)

2017-11-24 15:45:32 by Lockyn

Just for you :) Check my track on NG and the rest of the album on Soundcloud/Bandcamp!




Check us out here! My track is also posted on NG here!

Bunch of originals now out ;)

2017-05-29 19:52:54 by Lockyn

I kept up my promise! Some of them are old though, just thought i'd post them for posting's sake. Hope you enjoy them.


[OLD] Sable's Water


I haven't really updated NG, I apologize, and i know my last 3 uploads have been remixes but originals are coming! :D Stay tuned!

Thank you all. :)

2016-11-20 18:41:02 by Lockyn

Your continued support fuels me to make more and more. Here's a nice track I made purely for you guys. Hope you enjoy. :)


Vapor is out!

2016-10-12 21:36:26 by Lockyn

Some nice future chill vibes for you all. Enjoy :)



A nice little collab with EEK!. It turned out super cool, and he's a super cool guy to work with, was such a pleasure :) Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed crafting this tune! Cheers!

check out EEK! here:

Hope you like it! Along the style of Sequence/Lockout. Enjoy!


WINNERS HAVE BEEN ANNOUNCED! Youtube video: https://youtu.be/p4i5zRgmU3k
Special thanks to EEK​! and Detious​ for judging :)

Lockyn's Choice: Finder (https://soundcloud.com/finderx/lockyn-aqua-finder-remix)
EEK!'s Choice: NFNTY (https://soundcloud.com/nfntymusic/lockyn-aqua-nfnty-remix)
Detious's Choice: 3MBER (https://soundcloud.com/emblur/lockyn-aqua-3mber-remix-free-download)

Dustkey (https://soundcloud.com/dustkey-hq/lockyn-aqua-dustkey-rain-remix)
SuperRobeKitty (https://soundcloud.com/superrobekitty/lockyn-aqua-srk-remix)
GRAYNZ (https://soundcloud.com/graynz/lockyn-aqua-graynz-remix)
Wayr (https://soundcloud.com/wayr-music/chillsteplockyn-aqua-wayr-remix)
Karaplex (https://soundcloud.com/karaplex/lockyn-aqua-karaplex-remix)
mistmurk (https://soundcloud.com/mist-murk/lockyn-aqua-mistmurk-remix)
Lethalix (https://soundcloud.com/l3th4l1x/aqua-remix)

Aqua Remix Contest is closed!

2016-07-05 15:47:20 by Lockyn

Deadline passed! Good luck to all entries :) Check them out here!