Aqua Remix Contest!

2016-05-31 21:10:18 by Lockyn

Here's the track:
Soundcloud group link (JOIN THIS IF YOU WANT TO REMIX):
Full description below and in Soundcloud group description!

Thought I'd try this out as a fun thing for everyone involved and give some stuff out at the same time. Here's to hoping this goes as planned - I will learn from this for next time (ooh)! So basically, download the stem pack and have a go at remixing my track Aqua. No genre limit or anything of that sort. Rules listed below along with how the winners will be determined and the prizes. Join this group if you are interested in remixing it, you can start at any time as long as you finish and post before the deadline. Post your track here when you are finished!

DEADLINE: July 4th, 2016 12:00 AM PST

GRAND PRIZE (quantity 3, determined as shown at the bottom):

1) Custom Sytrus preset pack handcrafted by Lockyn (you'll be the only ones to have it!)

2) Featured on Aqua: The Remixes LP!

3) 1-hour Skype production session, ask me anything you want and I'll try my best to help you with your production!

RUNNER-UP PRIZE (quantity 7):
1) Featured on Aqua: The Remixes LP!


1. One submission per person.
2. Collaborations are allowed, but keep it between two people. COLLAB COUNTS AS YOUR ENTRY (RULE 1).
3. Recognizable as an Aqua remix (e.g. you used at least one provided stem in some way. I'm fair, use your own judgement reasonably, I get that remixes can sound very like the original or not at all, depends on how creatively you do what you plan to do!)
4. Submit before the deadline.
5. One-time submission only - whatever you post is final, so make sure you are satisfied with your work when you post it!
6. The submitter has to be the one who actually worked on the track, no track commissions to sing over or ghost productions etc.
7. Post your track from the account you joined this group with. Don't multiple post!
8. Have fun :)

Three (3) winners will be determined as follows:

1) Lockyn's Choice - picked by me after the deadline!
2) Detious's Choice - picked by Detious after the deadline!
3) EEK!'s Choice  - picked by EEK! after the deadline!

UPDATE: I've decided to remove the Crowd Favorite prize and sub in more appropriate conditions, since botting will probably be an issue. Thanks everyone for the feedback. Check the new Grand Prize conditions above!

I hope this goes well. Here's to hearing some awesome remixes. Cheers!


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2016-05-31 21:20:39

SEGA Genesis Remix coming up.
I promise it won't be a straight cover like I usually do.

Lockyn responds:

Can't wait for it! Make sure you join the SC group :)


2016-06-01 01:50:49

its gonna be brutal 7u7 the contest not my remix

Lockyn responds:

you got this! I can't wait to hear what you make :)


2016-06-01 07:28:31

im entering

Lockyn responds:

Make sure you join the SC group!


2016-06-01 09:51:02

I just got the stems... No, I'm not doing it. I don't work with audio like that.

Lockyn responds:

You don't like wav stems? :( MIDI is provided too


2016-06-01 13:46:26

I'm joining. This is gonna be fun :D

Lockyn responds:

Awesome, I can't wait


2016-06-01 15:18:04

Oh, wait, there is a midi in there? Then maybe...

Lockyn responds:

MIDI is provided for all .wav files :)


2016-06-05 17:14:19

For some reason I can't get the stems on a Mac so... I'm going to try to remix this without stems. Just one question, what key is Aqua?

Lockyn responds:

You should be able to, it is just .wav and MIDI, compatible on any OS or DAW. Try downloading it again! The key is Db minor.


2016-06-09 19:06:39

I'm going to take part in this contest. I have some ideas for my remix. Let's see how they sound!

Lockyn responds:

Can't wait!


2016-06-10 05:03:01

I don't know if this is allowed but here's my remix:
I already posted it in the SC group but i want some extra feedback by you.Thanks!

Lockyn responds:

I will be giving feedback after the contest finishes! Stay posted till then :)


2016-06-16 17:35:56

I'm joining this. Hope it goes well. Not too confident but I'm trying. :)

Lockyn responds:

Go for it! Good luck!


2016-06-23 20:20:29

Post has been updated with newest rule changes (Fairer winner conditions)! No more after this, I promise :)


2016-06-27 19:27:42

I was just getting started on this then realized the deadline was in like 3 days XD I guess I'll join the next contest!

Lockyn responds:

You can do it! I believe :)


2016-07-04 08:31:24

Oh, that's why everyone is making a remix of this XD
Good luck to everyone who enters, I know some of the people who are. I won't be entering Becuase I'm still a noob 8)

Lockyn responds:

Ahaha, looking forward to judging :)