Chillstep (WIP) and you awesome peeps yet again.

2013-09-06 13:24:42 by Lockyn

YO! Hey guys. Thanks again for all the support, bringing up two tracks to the top :') y'all are why I keep going. Also music is fun to make. ANYWAYS.

Got a chillstep track comin' up. It's had positive feedback while in production so hopefully you guys like it :) Different from my usual! The picture down there is a snap shot of the track in FL Studio. I've spent 12 hours on it already xD

You can also see all the WIPs I have on that list on the left of the snapshot... just an indication that I am not and will not run out of tracks to produce ;D

Next up after the chillstep is an electro banger that I've had no inspiration for... gah I need to spend time on that one, the hook is sooooo good. I think you guys will like it!

Azure VIP remix... no inspiration for that one either xD I did start it though.

Collabs, collabs, collabs! Mayhaps I will have more coming up ;)

Thanks again everybody. Stay frosty, and stay tuned. Cheers!

Chillstep (WIP) and you awesome peeps yet again.


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2013-09-06 15:39:10

Sounds good! :) You update your fans a lot, Lockyn! I should probably do that more often myself. "Stay frosty" is a cool tagline, btw. XD Keep it up! ;D

Lockyn responds:

Haha, given that I actually have fans to update xD (Which I don't really... just awesome people like you who come back for moar LOL why do you even put up with my antics LOL) Anyways, thanks, that line kinda just pops in my head every time... dunno why. Thanks a lot man, I'm looking forward to your future tracks :D


2013-09-08 08:27:10

Looking forward to the 'electro banger'. There can be quite a lot of variation in electro, so I look forward to your interpretation.

Lockyn responds:

Thanks, man! I know you'll enjoy it, I've been playing around with that WIP for almost two months now... I know it can top Sequence if I do it right :D