Why are you guys so awesome.

2013-09-03 18:01:52 by Lockyn

NO WAI!? You guys got Sequence into Best Audio of the Year!? HOW!?

Thanks everybody for all the support :D You guys are the reason I'm pushing for higher quality stuff! Here's what I have in the locker:

1. Azure VIP remix
2. Electro banger ;D
3. Collabs (2 to be exact)
4. Ambient dub (WHAT!?)
5. Glitch hop (You're welcome, Mr. Brian)

Stay posted, and as always, thank you so much for the support and criticism. Y'all stay frosty now. ;D Peace!

Why are you guys so awesome.


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2013-09-03 18:32:06

Fuggin' Nice, Props to ya.

Lockyn responds:

Thank you! :D


2013-09-04 01:50:19

That's what I'm saying! I saw top song of the year and was like "well, it has to be good." And IT WAS GOOD.

Lockyn responds:

LOL thanks again man. Happy you enjoyed!


2013-09-04 11:28:09

I'm glad but not surprised.
Ever since we've been reviewing each others stuff I've noticed how good your music is and how nice you are, and those two facts will take you -up there-, beside ParagonX9, Waterflame and Envy.

I promise Sequence is not the last successful track you'll make, and your fan number is going to go A LOT past 36!

Sorry this message is kinda cheesy ; P

Lockyn responds:

Awww! That's sweet of ya xD Making me all blushy and shieet! Thanks man, really. I appreciate it! (Even though I am nowhere near that level... LOL I can only wish)

I will make sure it's not the last successful one I make, and I'll try my best, don't you worry ;D LOLOL Cheesy is okay. Once in a while. Not all the time. Too many K-dramas. xD


2013-09-04 15:49:51

Fuckin crazy how Gradient AND sequence hold #1.

Lockyn responds:

And The Edge is next ;)