Best audio of this month!? WHAT!? Also, COLLAB coming soon ;)

2013-08-25 18:51:44 by Lockyn

You guys are awesome. Nuff said. Seriously, so many downloads. :O *overwhelmed*

The collab is coming soon ;D

Best audio of this month!? WHAT!? Also, COLLAB coming soon ;)


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2013-08-25 20:10:45

:) bet of the year

Lockyn responds:

<3 love you bby


2013-08-25 21:45:07

Congrats, Khro- er, Lockyn. XD Sorry, it's not a confusing name, I'm just a very habitual sort of person, so I'm going to have to get used to calling you that from now on. My voting "5" on it every day probably helped, but you most certainly deserve it! ;D Keep it up! Looking forward to collab! :D

Lockyn responds:

Thanks, and no problem :D I'm still getting used to my new name myself xD Thanks so much, my score is where it is because of that :') I owe ya one. You will enjoy the collab I promise!


2013-08-26 21:27:58

I Really feel the need to come out and say this about your song Sequence. Out of every song i've listened to, which is ALOT (im big into checking out new music), this song has made it to my top 5 favorite all time! It is very big into it simply being a all around amazing song, but i've subliminally attatched it to another thought/event in my head that is something i like to remember. Thank you for making this song! XD :)

Lockyn responds:

Aww, thanks! I appreciate you coming here and posting a comment :') Thank you thank you. I say that too much, but I'm really glad you enjoy the piece so much xD Thank you for listening! I hope you enjoy my upcoming collab ;D